Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Conran Foundation Awards

"Symbiosis" - Concept awarded in the 2010 Conran Foundation Awards

Six students from the Royal College of Art have been named as winners of the 2010 Conran Foundation Awards.

Now in its fifth year, the awards were set up to encourage and support young artists and designers graduating from the Royal College of Art. The students were presented with their awards by Terence at a ceremony held at the College during SHOW TWO which ended last week.

“The Conran Foundation’s support of the College and the SHOW has been terrific. With the Conran Awards the Foundation is also helping six graduating students to realise their post-education dreams – a wonderfully appropriate way of recognising talent that has been nurtured and grown here at the College” – Dr Paul Thompson, Rector of the RCA.

more information: http://whatsgoingonatconran.wordpress.com