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Interior Motives Design Awards 2010

The Symbiosis Project was announced finalist in the categories Best Eco Design and Best Use of Technology at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2010.

The project aims to connect architecture and transportation into a self-sufficient system that generates and utilises green energy. It breaks down the accepted separation between domestic dwelling and vehicle and makes use of a conceived symbiotic relationship between them to create power for both the vehicle and the building, minimising the energy impact of both.

The vehicle and building, interfacing with each other as parts of a single urban environment, are subject to the same structural design thinking. Both are considered as multi-layered systems, integrating specific functions into every layer to make maximum use of passive technologies to generate green energy.

While the exterior collects energy from sunlight, the structural parts use artificially created airstreams to generate current. These artificial airstreams are created by a chimney effect inside the building, frequently pulling air through the vehicle and turning it into a small power plant that is parked outside the house. This way the system constantly generates green energy to power secondary functions in both vehicle and building.

Symbiosis is not just technically inspiring, it could challenge models of energy supply, taxation and ownership. Excess energy generated could be fed back into the public grid, benefiting the community and – potentially – remunerating the owner. Rethinking ownership models by conceptualising a car rented with a home and a payment model that applies only when the vehicle is in use, the driver could be released from the burdens of tax, insurance and maintenance in exchange for ecological benefits.

Rethinking ownership models and generating eco-friendly energy, the system benefits the user at the most fundamental levels of life: health, finance and convenience.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Interior Motives Design Awards 2010

After winning the Interior Motives Design Award for Best Eco Design in 2009, my Master Thesis "Symbiosis" has been shortlisted for the 2010 competition.

Last years winning project "London Garden" was a group entry I was working on with my mates Marten Wallgren and Miika Heikkinen as part of our Master Course at the Royal College of Art.

See images of the project below.

more information: http://www.interiormotivesawards.com

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mondial De l'Automobile

Looking forward to see you all in Paris!!!

Symbiosis at Sustain Exhibition

Sustainable art and design at the Royal College of Art

Sustain is a showcase for the work, issues and arguments that relate to the ever-more-complex arena of sustainability within the Royal College of Art. The RCA offers a unique forum: we can open up and explore issues without the pressure solely to present solutions; and we bring the 'systems'-thinking creativity of cross-disciplinary discussion to the presentation and discussion of sustainable practice in art and design disciplines.

Sustainability represents a key emerging institutional need across the creative and cultural industries. Our goal at the RCA is to inspire and challenge a new creative generation across the UK to embrace and address sustainability in their work, demonstrating how principles of sustainability and responsibility can fuel innovation, and support and enhance real-world strategies for change.

Sustain Exhibition: 23 September – 7 October 2010

more information: http://www.rca.ac.uk/

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Conran Foundation Awards

"Symbiosis" - Concept awarded in the 2010 Conran Foundation Awards

Six students from the Royal College of Art have been named as winners of the 2010 Conran Foundation Awards.

Now in its fifth year, the awards were set up to encourage and support young artists and designers graduating from the Royal College of Art. The students were presented with their awards by Terence at a ceremony held at the College during SHOW TWO which ended last week.

“The Conran Foundation’s support of the College and the SHOW has been terrific. With the Conran Awards the Foundation is also helping six graduating students to realise their post-education dreams – a wonderfully appropriate way of recognising talent that has been nurtured and grown here at the College” – Dr Paul Thompson, Rector of the RCA.

more information: http://whatsgoingonatconran.wordpress.com

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pilkington Vehicle Design Awards 2010

"Symbiosis"-Concept was awarded the Pilkington Vehicle Design Award 2010 for Best Use of Glazing.
more information: http://www.cardesignnews.com

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Exhibition - KTM Deuce at designforum Vienna

Design Impulse aus der Steiermark - 04.05.2010 - 31.08.2010
more information: http://www.designforum.at/w/

Saturday, June 26, 2010

RCA Degree Show 2010 - Master Thesis on Display

Symbiosis - Energy Efficient Alliance

Today an increased public awareness of environmental problems has created advantageous conditions for sustainability in design and generated momentum towards making sustainability the norm. And while more and more sustainable monographs urge us to rethink how products are designed and manufactured, new materials and technologies based on renewable resources offer improved performance in the areas of safety, durability, and material strength.

Especially in the realm of architecture, a great number of projects raise fundamental questions about the impact of environmental concerns on the design process and the relationship between sustainability and architectural form. Exploring sustainability through design the architect’s strategies - response to place, connection to habitat, conservation of resources, and use of building materials - are creating rigorously conceived, environmentally mindful dwellings.

Drawing inspiration from this thinking my project is trying to connect architecture and transportation to a self sufficient system with the ethical intent of sustainable design’s twofold objective: the well being of the inhabitant and the conservation of the environment.

on display, Hockney Gallery Royal College of Art, London - until 4th July 2010

KTM Deuce Project Published

The KTM Deuce Project I have been working on with my mates Jan Rosenthal and Alexander Pichler is featured in "Design Impulse" by Author Gerhard Heufler.

Published by Niggli AG
Design Impulse, Gerhard Heufler
360 Pages, more than 1000 illustrations, hardcover, English/German

more information: http://www.niggli.ch/

Friday, June 11, 2010

RCA - Show 2010

The Royal College of Art graduate exhibition of Fine and Applied Art, Fashion, Design, Communications and the Humanities
A warm welcome to SHOW 2010 – the Royal College of Art graduate exhibition of Fine Art, Applied Art, Fashion, Design, Communications and the Humanities, a 'must-see' event for anyone interested in present and future art and design.

SHOW RCA is the culmination of Royal College of Art postgraduate students’ studio work and research. This year, we are offering five exhibitions of contemporary work – SHOW One, SHOW Fashion, SHOW Two Battersea, SHOW Two Kensington and SHOW Fine Art Research – each offering a glimpse into the ideas factory of the College and a public testing of research ideas.

SHOW RCA is also a calling card on behalf of all these talented exhibitors who are in the process of launching themselves into their various professional worlds. The work you will see here from 28 May onwards – each SHOW goes live on its opening day – represents the very finest in contemporary art and design. The creators of this work are happy to be contacted via email for commission or acquisition purposes; you will find their contact details next to their work, or in the online catalogue, which you can access below under the department name.