Saturday, June 26, 2010

RCA Degree Show 2010 - Master Thesis on Display

Symbiosis - Energy Efficient Alliance

Today an increased public awareness of environmental problems has created advantageous conditions for sustainability in design and generated momentum towards making sustainability the norm. And while more and more sustainable monographs urge us to rethink how products are designed and manufactured, new materials and technologies based on renewable resources offer improved performance in the areas of safety, durability, and material strength.

Especially in the realm of architecture, a great number of projects raise fundamental questions about the impact of environmental concerns on the design process and the relationship between sustainability and architectural form. Exploring sustainability through design the architect’s strategies - response to place, connection to habitat, conservation of resources, and use of building materials - are creating rigorously conceived, environmentally mindful dwellings.

Drawing inspiration from this thinking my project is trying to connect architecture and transportation to a self sufficient system with the ethical intent of sustainable design’s twofold objective: the well being of the inhabitant and the conservation of the environment.

on display, Hockney Gallery Royal College of Art, London - until 4th July 2010

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